From Issue 4

Diego Arreola Fernández

I strive every day to reduce my carbon footprint and be net-positive and firmly believe in setting an example for all the people in my life. Whenever I am with my friends I prompt them to properly dispose of their garbage, reduce their consumption, and refuse plastics. With my family, I create educational opportunities for ourselves and others. 


Dejea Lyons

A lot of the time when I feel eco-grief or eco-anxiety, I feel anger or sadness to the point where I may even cry. It is usually a very overwhelming wave of emotions. The way that I deal with eco-grief is going into action. I try to create campaigns and awareness with different organizations so that we can prevent the same things from happening in our community.


Chanté Davis

I live in harmony with nature every day by appreciating the earth, whether that’s spending a day in nature, cleaning up the environment, planting seeds into the earth, or using reusable items to reduce my waste.


Oluwaseyi Moejoh

Have an open mind to learn more about how to protect and conserve nature and do your best to take action (little or big). Every action counts in this movement.


​Hannah Testa

I eat a plant-based diet, which has made me really appreciate our natural food systems.


Heather Brockbank

I live in harmony with nature every day by using mindfulness. I am mindful of my impact on the earth in all the actions that I do even down to educating others about nature. I often like to stand in the fresh air to relax my mind or meditate and do yoga in my backyard.

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