From Issue 3

Diego Arreola Fernández
Every day, I aim to be coherent with my words and my actions. I maintain good habits towards a zero-waste lifestyle, keeping my plastic consumption at a minimum, promoting reusables with my friends, transitioning towards a plant-based diet, and sparking conversations with my friends.

Dejea Lyons
As an Ocean Hero, I have reduced the amount of single-use plastics in my everyday life. A lot of the single-use plastics that are used end up in the ocean and endanger marine populations. Instead of single-use plastic items, I have found alternatives with materials that will last a long time and can be used many times.

Chanté Davis
I use eco-friendly alternatives such as my bamboo toothbrush and my stainless steel canteen as an everyday Ocean Hero.

Oluwaseyi Moejoh
I make deliberate decisions and take action to reduce my footprint by cutting down on my use of problematic unnecessary single-use plastics. I have stopped using plastic straws for the past two years ever since I watched a video that highlighted how devastating it can be to sea creatures like turtles. To reduce waste, I carry a reusable bottle to school, and I recycle as much as possible.

​Hannah Testa
I am always thinking about activism in my daily life. When using reusable items over plastic, saving water when I can, using my laptop over paper, buying second-hand, eating vegan, and educating people when they see my actions.

Heather Brockbank
I try to be an ocean hero every day by being accountable for myself and those around me by being mindful of what I consume on a daily basis and the effect it has on our oceans—from microplastics in face scrubs getting into our water system even down to supporting sustainable fishing practices with the things that we ingest.

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