From Issue 3

Our feet to the ground. 

Our heads to the sky.

We are of this earth, from our birth ‘til we die:

Before they came, we were not only nature’s gardeners but nature itself 

Not to fret, we are still here…Caring 

Willing the air to be breathable;

The water drinkable;

The corals livable for the symbiotic fish that dance poetically,




The great blue, the ocean, the sea: 

Born from it and return to it we will, replenishing the world full of life.

It is Earth’s one defining factor.

It is the great protector of all living things, providing us with oxygen (inhale)

How wonderfully glorious is she?

We Breathe! (exhale)

We give thanks to her through our care

For generations, we’ve kept the balance, providing her with maintenance and love:

Keeping the mangroves strong and sturdy.

Maintaining the coral as integral, bright ecosystems;

And as indigenous barriers that we respect, unlike those who stole our land.

Productive ecosystems they are, when our stewardship is practiced.

As Indigenous peoples, WE have been conserving,



Enhancing solutions;

Climate solutions!

Solutions that ensure we have a future to pass down to our kin 

Who are ready to fight as fiercely for the ocean as we did resisting colonial violence.

They will soon learn to care for Big Blue and will come together to make the effort our oppressors stall!

They will soon nurture the land just as we have for centuries,

Learning to respect nature and practice their right to care for this world.

However, their seat at the Western table of conservation is denied

Their knowledge and potential are great, yet those seated claim to offer “greater solutions.”

We deny their lies and demand a new table be built

Where we can lead and welcome those who are passionate to join.

Where we can collectively practice our right to care 

For the land, the sea, the air.

We have the potential and generations of knowledge!

With deep love and practical wisdom, we ARE Earth’s great protectors.

We are of this earth, from our birth ‘til we die.

With solutions we will lead with our heads up towards the sky.

With our feet to the ground.

Onward to a horizon of beautiful, healthy seas.

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