From Issue 4

Only. One. Earth.

Earsplitting (for some) is the truth that rings louder than liberty bells and blazes brighter than the flames of our house on fire.

Agony and pain felt for all we’ve lost, all that we in frontline communities are losing. All that we have at stake.

Revolting inaction from our “leaders.”

Trembles heard in the night from tired activists and organizers who confront constant climate anxiety and ecodepression in the midst of late-stage capitalism.

Hazy is the memory of days when the heat was bearable, the storm shakeable, the damage repairable.

Only One Earth; yet a million problems.

A million issues we’ve been dealt to fix with outdated tools and limited support.

Ebbing tides wash away the establishment’s eroding seashore; subsequent waves of change crash with the power of rising youth. 

Adaptive people we are, building community in the midst of chaos in the hopes of creating a better future.

Regenerative techniques and renewable energy, ready to be implemented as tools to fight the crisis.

Transforming our dreams into reality one sustainable action at a time.

Hearts glow brighter than the flames of our house on fire when we practice restoration and care equally  for our shared home.

Only One Earth; yet a million solutions!

Solutions Indigenous people offer when we give land back.

Solutions Black people offer when we give reparations.

Solutions people of color offer when they are seen, respected, and appreciated as humans who hold the knowledge to replicate centuries of sustainable living.

Each of us hold a key.

Each of us have something to contribute. To gain. To lose.

A million solutions but only one Earth.

It cannot wait any longer.

The time for change is now!

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