EP. 1 With Titouan Bernicot, Founder Coral Gardeners

Born on Mo’orea, a small atoll island, Titouan Bernicot has always been connected to the ocean. At age 16, he witnessed the devastation of coral reefs around his island and took it as a challenge to save the reef. Today, he has ambitious plans to plant one million corals with his organization, Coral Gardeners.

Dejea Lyons was born and raised in the beautiful Cayman Islands. Growing up on an island fostered her deep love for the ocean and the water, as well as a deep concern for the ocean’s health. She is the vice-president of Protect Our Future, a youth led organization in the Cayman Islands.

Listen to Titouan and Dejea speak about their shared experience as island kids and their plans for a healthier future and read more in Issue 3 of OH-Wake Magazine, The Wisdom in Water.

The episode is made with generous support from Princess Polly