From Issue 2

4 Ways Landfills are the Worst

  1. Landfills are a source of climate change. Landfills produce greenhouse gases like methane and carbon dioxide, two of the gases responsible for global warming.
  2. Landfills are toxic. Many of the different products and materials that pile up in landfills contain toxins like arsenic, mercury and lead, which leak into the environment, and can contaminate drinking water.
  3. Landfills are a fire hazard. Methane gas is HIGHLY combustible, which means that fires in landfills are not uncommon.
  4. Landfills will still be here in a million years. Some of the materials in landfills take more than a million years to break down, and their impact on the environment will be felt for much longer than that.

4 Ways we can Make a Difference

  1. Compost. Composting organic waste like food helps soil regenerate and reduces landfill methane emissions.
  2. Zero-waste lifestyle. The less waste we throw out at home, the less waste we send to landfills, the healthier our Earth will be.
  3. Reuse creatively. Upcycle old packaging into works of art for the world to see. Tag us on insta: @oceanheroeshq
  4. Donate. Instead of sending our t-shirts and other textiles to the landfill when we outgrow them, we can donate them to local nonprofit organizations or humanitarian organizations like the American Red Cross.

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