We all use paper in our daily lives, from the printing of a homework assignment to the packaging that keeps our food fresh. What is important is making sure that paper comes from well-managed forests that help keep ecosystems intact and healthy. HP Inc. has made it a goal to make sure that every page printed with HP is sourced responsibly and contributes to the protection, restoration and responsible management of forests.

For the past decade, HP and WWF have been working together to create a forest positive future for printing. Not only does this partnership aim to protect natural resources that humans rely on, but it also seeks to preserve all the benefits forests offer. Home to three-quarters of the world’s life on land, forests provide clean air and water, protect against erosion and landslides, and help to regulate the climate by removing carbon from the atmosphere. Simply put, forests are one of the best nature-based solutions to address climate change and environmental destruction.

Most recently, HP and WWF have focused on conserving 200,000 acres of forest in Brazil and China, an area equivalent to the size of New York City. WWF and HP are working with local communities and governments to expand areas under better forest management, protect critical ecosystems and biodiversity hot spots, and restore deforested and poorly impacted areas. For example, in Brazil, the partnership helps to conserve areas where the woolly spider monkey lives. In China, restoration efforts include elephant habitat in the Yunnan province.

Beyond its operations, HP wants to encourage others to adopt sustainable practices. Through this partnership with WWF, HP is also supporting the establishment of science-based targets and tools that can help companies estimate the climate, water and biodiversity benefits associated with various conservation efforts. It is in working together that we can all make a difference.

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