From Issue 4

The Cayman Islands is my home. I have been surrounded by immense biodiversity that has expressed the true beauty and uniqueness of my three islands for my whole life. From the colorful corals that create the most intricate ecosystems, to the mangroves forests that are our protectors and sanctuaries, I am privileged to have been immersed in these natural environments from such a young age.

However, with a surplus of greed and extensive ignorance surrounding the island, our environment has begun negatively changing. Our once picturesque beaches are now filled with plastic pollution, our vast mangrove forests have been depleted causing habitat loss for many of our species, and our vibrant corals turning bright white from coral bleaching. The list goes on. 

Through experiencing these things first hand, I have realized more and more that the choices we make as individuals, communities and as a whole society will always have a butterfly effect, whether we are conscious of that or not. The choices that we make today will affect tomorrow. This is what will create our legacy. 



When most people think of the word ‘legacy’ we think of making an impact that will out last our lives. However, we neglect to speak about how our legacy can be positive or negative. Our legacy is determined by our choices, the way we use our voices today, and how they will affect the future. Our legacy is something that we can control in palm of our hands. It can be about how we stood up for our land as a community united or neglected the very environment that has provided more than we even deserve. Our legacy can be how we have sustained the culture and heritage that built the very foundation of our islands or it can be how us and the previous generations have allowed that foundation to crumble like the wall of Jericho. Whether we would like to admit it or not, all of the choices we make today will be in the archives of tomorrow. 

Due to the choices we have made as a local and global community, the majority of The Cayman Islands is predicted to be underwater by 2050. Unfortunately, if this takes place, it will be difficult or impossible to get the islands back to where they are today. 

Once something is permanently gone, there is no way of getting it back. But this is why it is so important to preserve what is left of ur environments. We have to take action. Whether it is through policy construction and change to individual decisions that we make every day, every little bit counts because there is only one Cayman Islands and most importantly only one Earth.

We have to take care of what we have before is too late for us and future generations to come. As Hamiliton the musical says “History has its eyes on you”. So let’s all take the initiative to make change in our communities and create positive legacies that will last a lifetime. 

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