This land is our home
From the smallest spec of soil
Containing millions of microorganisms (grow) into the largest trees
Creating shadows that comfort us
The sun awakens just to kiss the sky good morning
To sunset when the brightest pinks of sunlight hops and skips across the land
From the flock of birds that roam the sky
Articulating melodious tunes that penetrate the human ear
This is our home
A beacon of beauty

However, with beauty comes greed
With greed we have deceived the land with our bare hands
It is now we feel the wrath of our own decisions
As extreme weather conditions elevate
Us and animals alike have begun to migrate
We fracture the population of life’s backbone without even thinking twice
The thick black smoke suffocates our atmosphere
While we are blindfolded on how this air quality will affect us and future generations to come.
Yet, there is hope.

There are so many solutions to save our planet
Creating green spaces in places that may be unconventional
Controlling our greenhouse gas emissions
While explaining your opposition to the government on not prioritizing this issue.
Or simply stepping up and educating your community
And creating a drought in the ignorance surrounding this profound global issue
While creating a flood of information
And providing the community an opportunity to see what they cannot unsee
No matter what your strategy may be,
It is your choice to use your voice
It is our duty to protect
Because this is our home.

About the editor

Dejea Lyons

Dejea Lyons (18) was born and raised in the beautiful Cayman Islands. Growing up on an island fostered her deep love for the ocean and the water, as well as a deep concern for the ocean’s health. She is the vice-president of Protect Our Future, a youth led organization in the Cayman Islands.

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